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Many times, a separation agreement is the least contentious (and least expensive) method for resolving issues between separating partners.  Make sure you’re represented by an experienced separation attorney.

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Marriage is about compromise and reaching agreements.  The same factors also apply in separation and divorce.  Drafting a separation agreement can be the easiest way to come to these agreements.

A separation agreement is a notarized, legally binding document contract signed by both parties.  It details and itemizes how issues arising from the separation and subsequent divorce will be handled by both parties. In North Carolina, separation agreements are authorized by statute.

You may have ended up on this page because you know a separation is imminent in your marriage.  Or even that you and your spouse are looking into your separation options.

The best advice we can give is to act promptly and rationally.  You need a qualified, dedicated separation attorney from Greensboro, NC who will act quickly and decisively to protect you, your assets, and your rights.

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Protecting You

Don’t let your voice go unheard.  You need representation who is looking out for you. Spagnola Law Firm is your advocate.

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Keep your property and finances safe.  Retain an attorney who understands what you need for security and comfort.

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Don’t give up any of your rights without a fight.  Assert your rights as a parent and know where you stand legally.

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It’s a regrettable fact that divorces can be messy.  But they don’t have to be.  A seperation agreement in North Carolina can legally stipulate what’s expected of each spouse when the separation progresses towards divorce.

We want to resolve issues as easily and quickly as possible (without breaking the bank).  In our years of practice, we’ve seen agreements achieve this.  But before you enter into any binding agreement, you need legal representation.

Whether it’s entering into a separation or anything else within the realm of family law, we want you to rest easy knowing exactly what’s expected of you.

That’s how we not only advise couples in Greensboro, NC separation cases, but also provide peace of mind.


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Decades of NC Separation Agreements

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The timing of executing a separation agreement is an important factor to consider.  Many couples are hesitant to begin separating and establishing new residences.  Know what’s expected of you.

Personal Counsel

At The Spagnola Law Firm, we’ve seen hundreds of separations.  We’ve also seen many couples wanting to separate but not knowing where to begin.  We always walk you through your options and keep you up to date on your status and options.

Practical Steps

If you don’t want the hassle of court dates and motions, a separation agreement may be your best legal move.  We’ll work directly with you to draw up a legal document that protects and represents you and your interests.


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Family Law Agreements in Greensboro, NC

The North Carolina legal system is a big place.  It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Finding the right legal representation is the best first step you can take.  It’s how you can begin drawing up a game-plan and know your options moving forward.

The Spagnola Law Firm has worked with hundreds of families and couples in Greensboro and other areas of the Triad.  We know the local legal system and we know how to protect your rights, interests, and assets.  We consistently deliver the best results we can for every single client.

We believe everyone deserves not only their day in court, but fair and effective legal representation when that day comes.  Everyone deserves a good lawyer.

If you’re facing a NC divorce or separation, we can help.  We learn every nuance of your specific case to ensure you have the best legal counsel when that day comes.

How Do I Qualify for Separation?

In North Carolina, separation is established when a married couple no longer lives in the same home and intends to maintain living apart permanantly.  A separation agreement is not required to be legally separated.

What Are the Benefits of a Separation Agreement?

The main advantage of a separation agreement is saving both spouses time, headaches, and money.  These agreements define what’s expected of both spouses in the coming divorce, meaning many potential issues can be resolved without litigation. 

Can I Resolve It Without a Lawsuit?

Reaching an agreement is dependent on the married couple in question, meaning no two are the same.  But some common stipulations are children (custody, child support, and visitation), finances (dividing debt and assets), and property (who keeps what and what’s sold).

Why Choose Spagnola Law For Separation?

After representing hundreds of couples in divorce and separation in Greensboro, we have the expertise and experience to make sure nothing is overlooked.  We can also save you hundreds in court costs with a well-written and executed agreement.

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