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You don’t need to be a celebrity to request a prenuptial agreement.  In fact, having a prenup is more and more common.  Spagnola Law prenups provide security and relieve future stress.

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A “prenup” is a premarital contract between two people who plan to get married.  They lay out the rights and responsibilities of each spouse as well as provide provisions for death or divorce. North Carolina law permits couples to enter a prenuptial agreement that can address many issues.

Not every couple wants or needs a prenuptial agreement.  But in cases of differing financial states or inheritance questions, a prenup may be necessary.  Other couples just prefer to have their stipulations in writing.

Regardless of your reasons, if you’re looking for a prenup lawyer in Greensboro who can skillfully represent your interests and protect assets in the event of divorce, you’re in the right place.

The Spagnola Law Firm has drawn up satisfactory and agreeable prenuptial agreements for Triad couples for years.  Go with the experience and proven track record.

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Protecting You

Don’t let your voice go unheard.  You need representation who is looking out for you. Spagnola Law Firm is your advocate.

Protecting Assets

Keep your property and finances safe.  Retain an attorney who understands what you need for security and comfort.

Protecting Rights

Don’t give up any of your rights without a fight.  Know where you stand legally and financially in the event of death or divorce.

Your Peace of Mind

Nobody plans for a death or divorce.  But if something were to happen, many couples want to know they’re legally protected.  That’s where a prenuptial agreement comes in.  They can provide peace of mind and legal security.

Deciding to get married is an extremely personal matter.  Likewise, prenups also must be handled with care.  Above all else, they should be fair and represent your best interests.  That’s something The Spagnola Law Firm understands.

If you’re concerned about business interests, financial differences, or inheritance, a prenuptial agreement can help alleviate stress about the future.

We’ve worked with couples for decades to draw fair NC prenuptial agreements.  And we can help you, too.

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Getting married should be a time to celebrate, not worry about your future.  In family law, a prenup can be the most valuable investment you make.  It puts you and your spouse in control, not the court.

Fair Contracts

A prenup is like a tailored contract for your marriage.  It doesn’t show that you don’t love or trust your future spouse.  But in the unfortunate event the marriage does end, without a prenup, you both may now find yourselves in the hands of the court.

Protecting Futures

Arguments about finances are one of the leading causes of divorce.  While discussing a prenup can be an uncomfortable conversation, in the long-term, the benefits greatly outweigh the discomfort.  If you want to insure your future, a prenuptial agreement may be for you.


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About Spagnola Law

Qualified Prenup Attorney in Greensboro, NC

In the time leading up to a marriage, asking for a prenuptial agreement may seem daunting.

Finding a Greensboro attorney who understands the delicate nature of prenups is the best first step you can take.  It’s how you can go into your wedding day without worrying about the future.

The Spagnola Law Firm has worked with hundreds of families and couples in Greensboro and other areas of the Triad.  We know the local legal system and we know how to protect your rights, interests, and assets.  We consistently deliver the best results we can for every single client.

No one should feel insecure about their marriage.  If you’re worried about your business, children from a previous marriage, or property, consider a prenup.

When it comes time to enact that decision, The Spagnola Law Firm would be happy to help.  Ensure a fair and binding contract by retaining an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

What Does a Prenup Cover?

Prenuptial agreements cover each spouse’s right to separate marital property, entitlement to spousal support, the making of a will, and any other issue the couple agrees upon (excluding child support or child custody).

Will An NC Court Enforce my Prenup Agreement?

Most NC prenups are upheld by the court, but there are reasons they might not be.  If the agreement is found to be “unconscionable” or otherwise severely unfair, it will be unenforcable.  That’s why it’s important to consult a prenup attorney before signing anything.

Why Make a Prenuptial Agreement?

Different couples have different reasons.  To protect children from a previous marriage in inheritance disputes, protecting a business you own individually, and defining property ownership are some of the most common reasons couples look to get a prenuptial agreement.

Why Spagnola Law Prenuptial Agreements?

We’ve worked with couples thinking about prenups in Greensboro and the Triad for years.  We know how to draft a fair and enforceable prenuptial agreement that provides peace of mind and eliminates worry about future financial standings. 

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