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NC child custody laws have unique rules and standards that must be met.  Finding a lawyer who represents you and your child’s best interests can be tricky.  If you need a child custody lawyer in Greensboro, Guilford County, or the entire Triad area , you’ve come to the right place.

Serving Best Interests

Child Custody Lawyer Who Fights For You

When it comes to families, divorce often impacts children as much (or more) than the parents.  When a divorce is inevitable and there are children in question, their interests must be considered.

Even after divorce, both parents will always be a part of their children’s lives.  But when parents are living separately, an agreement has to be reached that’s fair to both parties and most importantly: in the best interests of the child.

The Spagnola Law Firm has a history of working effectively and compassionately for you and your children.  Assert your rights as a parent and protect your child’s best interests.

If you’re beginning a Greensboro, NC custody case or anywhere in Guilford County or the Triad area, the best advice we can give is to act quickly and rationally.  You need a qualified child custody lawyer who will act in your best interests. We have helped countless father’s and mother’s get custody over the years.

Child Custody Lawyer

Protecting You

Don’t let your voice go unheard.  You need representation who is looking out for you. Spagnola Law Firm is your advocate.

Protecting Them

Your children are the most important thing.  Ensure your custody agreement is fair to you and them.

Protecting Rights

Don’t give up any of your rights without a fight.  Assert your rights as a parent and know where you stand legally.

Your Guilford County and Triad Area Custody Advocate

The prospect of having to appear in court or file legal motions can be intimidating.  Between court dates, motions, and banging gavels, it’s tough to keep a level head and keep everything straight.

That’s why we take a personal approach with all of our clients.  We want to demystify the entire process.  So you know exactly where you stand and what your options are moving forward.  The Spagnola Law Firm is your legal advocate and partner.

When it comes to child custody, special attention must be paid.  It’s generally best for everyone if a mutually agreed custody arrangement can be reached.  So that’s what we work towards. Unfortunately, a custody agreement may not always be possible.  Sam Spagnola has a reputation for being a tough lawyer for tough cases. If you do have to fight for your custody rights in court, we’re by your side.

Mother Spending Time With Children After Child Custody

Protecting Your Chlid

Decades of Supporting Families

Father With Custody of Child in NC

It’s regrettable that children often get caught up in divorces and separations.  Our goal is to make the custody agreements as simple and painless as possible for both you and your child.

Real Direction

Most custody cases are contested.  This applies to Greensboro and the rest of North Carolina.  If you have to go to court to decide custody, it’s paramount you have solid legal direction.  We’ve provided that direction to local families for decades.

Fair Agreements

We’ll work with you and the courts to fight for a plan that’s fair to you and in the best interests of your child.  Don’t go into court alone.  Retain a Greensboro custody lawyer who knows the law and will be a strong advocate for your custody case.


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Retaining Spagnola Law

Strong Legal Representation in Greensboro, NC

The Greensboro court system can be a confusing place.  It’s easy to feel in over your head.

The best way to mitigate that feeling is the right legal representation.  It’s how you can start working on a game-plan for a resolution in your favor and to learn your legal options.

The Spagnola Law Firm has worked with hundreds of families and couples in Greensboro and other areas of the Triad.  We know the local legal system and we know how to protect your rights, interests, and children.  We consistently deliver the best results we can for every single client.

We believe everyone deserves not only their day in court, but fair and effective legal representation when that day comes.  Everyone deserves a good lawyer.

If you’re facing the Greensboro child custody case, we can help.  We learn every nuance of your specific situation to ensure you have the best legal counsel when your day in court comes.

How Do They Determine Who Gets Custody?

A judge decides custody based on the “best interests of the child.”  This standard requires the judge to focus on the needs of the child above the needs of the parent.  The law requires the child be given to the parents who meets their needs best.

What Do Judges Look For in Custody Cases?

Generally, one of the standards is evidence of parenting ability.  The court is looking for evidence that the parent asking for custody is able to meet the childs needs, physically and emotionally.  These factors are deemed the “best interest of the child.”

How Do You Prove the Best Interests of a Child?

There are many considerations taken into account.  A few of note are the wishes of the child themselves, the mental and physical health of the parent, and any particular needs a child may have and how each parent can meet those needs.

Why Spagnola Law Child Custody?

Our 20+ years of experience handling Greensboro child custody cases have made us experienced and qualified in navigating the local courts.  We’ve achieved favorable resolutions for many of our clients, and we can work toward achieveing them for you too.

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