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Parental issues like child support shouldn’t be left exclusively in the hands of the court.  Take an active role in your NC child support case with the right child support lawyer.

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Tough Child Support Representation

Child support is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce.  In North Carolina, both parents are under a legal obligation to support their children, even if they weren’t married.

When issues of finance and support owed come to the surface, emotions can quickly become high.  That’s why we recommend never going into any situation like that without a qualified child support lawyer by your side.

You may have ended up on this page because you know a divorce is unavoidable in your marriage.  And if you have children, you want to make sure both you and them are financially protected.

The best advice we can give is to act promptly and rationally.  You need a qualified, dedicated family attorney in Greensboro, NC who will act quickly and decisively to protect you, your assets, and your rights.

Meeting to Determine Child Support Payments

Protecting You

Don’t let your voice go unheard.  You need representation who is looking out for you. Spagnola Law Firm is your child support advocate.

Protecting Assets

Make sure your financial status is accurately represented.  Protect yourself while providing for your children.

Protecting Rights

Don’t give up any of your rights without a fight.  Assert your rights as a parent and know where you stand legally.

Your Family Law Advocate

If you’re already going through a divorce, considering child support may be the last thing on your mind.  Or you may be losing sleep not knowing where you stand in terms of your child support responsibilities.

That’s why you need a famliy lawyer.  Determining child support in North Carolina is usually based on guidelines, but can also be reliant on other factors in some cases.  But we think you should be entirely in the loop when those decisions are made.  The Spagnola Law Firm is your legal advocate and partner.

Whether it’s Greensboro child support or anything else within the realm of family law, we want you to rest easy knowing exactly what’s happening with your case.

That’s how we not only achieve legal victories in NC family law cases, but also provide peace of mind.

Family Able to Thrive Due to Child Support

Working With Families

A History of Family Law

Meeting to Schedule Payments

It’s best when agreements on issues like child support can be resolved simply by clear communication.  The reality is that’s not always possible.  We work to find your best legal solution.

Determining Support

There are more factors that go into Greensboro child support agreements than just income.  We help you determine a reasonable and fair payment plan for now and as your child grows.  Always know what your financial responsibilities are.

Open Communication

We ask the right questions so you know what your child support obligations are under NC family law.  It’s important to us that you know exactly what’s going on in your case.  That’s how we put all our clients first and keep their interests in the forefront.


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About Spagnola Law

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Greensboro, NC

The North Carolina legal system is a big place.  It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Finding the right legal representation is the best first step you can take.  It’s how you can begin drawing up a game-plan and know your options moving forward.

The Spagnola Law Firm has worked with hundreds of families and businesses in Greensboro and other areas of the Triad.  We know the local legal system and we know how to protect your rights, interests, and assets.  We consistently deliver the best results we can for every single client.

We believe everyone deserves not only their day in court, but fair and effective legal representation when that day comes.  Everyone deserves a good lawyer.

If you’re facing the NC court system, we can help.  We learn every nuance of your specific case to ensure you have the best legal counsel when that day comes.

When Do I Have To Pay Child Support?

In North Carolina, all parents are responsible for supporting their children.  This applies in divorce or separation cases unless the parents rights have been terminated.  Non-parents are not required to pay child support.

What Age Does Child Support Stop?

Generally, child support ends when the child turns 18.  Parents are required to support a child until they are 20 if the child hasn’t graduated or remains in high school.  Though other scenarios exist, this is the case with the majority of child support arrangements in North Carolina.

Does Joint Custody Require Child Support?

Per North Carolina law, child support depends on parenting time.  Thus physical custody determines if you receive child support payments.  The secondary parent usually pays their share of the support to the primary parent based on income disparity.

Why Spagnola Law Child Support?

We’ve proven to be effective legal advocates for individuals needing child support representation in Greensboro and the Triad of NC.  We’ve achieved favorable resolutions for many of our clients, and we can work toward achieving them for you too.

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