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Protect your property and make sure marital property is divided fairly.  The Spagnola Law firm has helped hundreds of clients achieve an equitable distribution of marital property in Greensboro, High Point, and the Triad area.

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“What happens to my property during the divorce?” is a question we encounter frequently.  In North Carolina, division of property and marital assets continues to play a major role in divorce. The legal term for property division in North Carolina is “equitable distribution”. 

Some property ownership may be clear-cut.  Others may be a little more murky.  But when you’re going through your assets in a divorce, it’s important you not try to go it alone.  You need the guidance of a qualified third party.

You may have ended up on this page because you know a divorce is unavoidable in your marriage.  And if you have property in question, you want to make sure are financially protected.

The best advice we can give is to act promptly and rationally.  You need a qualified, dedicated family attorney who will act quickly and decisively to protect you, your assets, and your rights.

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Protecting You

Don’t let your voice go unheard.  You need representation who is looking out for you. Spagnola Law Firm is your advocate.

Protecting Assets

Make sure your financial status is accurately represented.  Protect your assets and ensure fair division.

Protecting Rights

Don’t give up any of your rights without a fight.  Assert your rights as a parent and know where you stand legally.

Advocating For Your Assets

Other than issues relating to children, equitable property distribution remains one of the most contentious issues in a North Carolina divorce.  A skilled attorney can help guide resolutions both parties may agree on.

That’s why you need a Board Certified family lawyer.  Determining division of property in can be reliant on many factors.  Contrary to common belief, property is not always divided equally. But we think you should be entirely in the loop when those decisions are made.  The Spagnola Law Firm is your legal advocate and partner in those decisions in Greensboro, High Point, or elsewhere in the Triad.

Know where you stand in regards to property acquired before marriage and property owned independently.  Rest easy knowing exactly what’s going on with your case.

That’s how we not only achieve fair resolutions in NC property division cases, but also provide peace of mind.

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Working With Couples

A History of Equitable Practice

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Ideally, marital property should be split 50-50.  However, it’s not always obvious what constitutes half of property and assets.  We work directly with couples to find the best legal compromises.

Determining Stakes

When there are significant financial assets on the line, it’s crucial to consult with a good lawyer.  Someone skilled at navigating property divisions can ensure that your interests are represented, and that the division is fair and equitable.

Effective Communication

Property division in Greensboro can also be a matter of thinking outside the box.  In many cases, it’s not possible to literally split everything down the middle.  Agreements must be reached.  We have the experience required to reach these agreements.


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Skilled Family Lawyer in Greensboro, NC

The North Carolina legal system is a big place.  It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Finding the right legal representation is the best first step you can take.  It’s how you can begin drawing up a game-plan and know your options moving forward.

The Spagnola Law Firm has worked with hundreds of families and couples in Greensboro and other areas of the Triad.  We know the local legal system and we know how to protect your rights, interests, and assets.  We consistently deliver the best results we can for every single client.

We believe everyone deserves not only their day in court, but fair and effective legal representation when that day comes.  Everyone deserves a good lawyer.

If you’re facing the NC court system, we can help.  We learn every nuance of your specific case to ensure you have the best legal counsel when that day comes.

What Is Considered Marital Property in NC?

According to the state, marital property is “all real and personal property acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage and before the date of separation.”  We help you determine what qualifies as “shared property.”

What Is Divisible Property in North Carolina?

Courts in NC use the “divisible property” category to catch any changes to the value of marital property that have occured after the date of separation.  This is done to ensure both parties are receiving a fair distribution of marital property that isn’t deemed “separate property.”

How Do You Divide Marital Property?

Generally, we work to create a list of belongings, properties, and other assets acquired during the marriage.  Then we get a value of all of those things.  We then negotiate to determine a fair owner for the property and assets. If an agreement is reached it will usually be done as a contract if no case has been filed, or a consent order if a case has been filed. If no agreement can be reached after negotiations and mediation, then a judge will decide how to divide the property. This is a simple overview of the process and these cases can be complex when determining the classification, valuation, and distribution of assets. 

Why Spagnola Law Property Division?

We’ve proven to be effective legal advocates for individuals needing division of property representation in Greensboro and the Triad of NC.  We’ve achieved favorable resolutions for many of our clients, and we can work toward achieving them for you too.